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Cube 3 (Receiver, Antenna-less design)

Cube 3 is the first-ever, revolutionary micro receiver with the antenna-less design. Cube 3 is a 3-channel, 2.4GHz receiver, utilizing FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, which allows accurate and detailed controls, without the trouble of interferences.

Antenna-less design
Cube 3 is the first-ever R/C receiver product that does not have an external wire antenna. Because of its antenna-less design, Cube 3 allows for an extremely flexible and simple installation, without having to hassle with wire antenna, tubes, etc.

Bi-directional Communication
Cube 3 is capable of transmitting data back to the transmitter. Cube 3 sends its battery voltage information in real-time to the transmitter to avoid battery troubles.

Notice : Cube 3 is designed for use on surface models only.

Modulation 2.4 GHz, FHSS
Size L 38.1 X W 30.5 X H 16.5 mm (L 1.50" X W 1.20" X H 0.65")
Weight 14.8 g (0.52 oz)
Power requirements 4.8 ~ 7.4 V
Operation temperature -10° ~ 50° C