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Li-ion Battery Pack*

Husky 2.4G uses a compact-sized Li-ion battery pack, similar to the ones being used in the late model cameras or camcorders. It is light, convenient to handle, and lasts twice as long compared to the use of 8 x AA batteries.

From the factory, Husky 2.4G package includes a NB-2LH (7.4V, 720mAh, 40.5g, 45 x 33.5 x 16mm) Li-ion battery pack. As an option, NB-2L12 (7.4V, 1600mAh, 75.0g, 45 x 33.5 x 32mm), a double-capacity pack, is also available.

* Optional item, Li-ion battery and charger are not included in the standard package.