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Fail Safe

Husky 2.4G provides the following three fail-safe features.

- Warning for out of range
Every radio control system has certain limitation to the controllable distance. Once the distance between the transmitter and the receiver goes beyond certain range, you can get into a trouble of uncontrollability. To prevent this type of trouble, Husky 2.4G monitors the signal strength and whenever it determines the range is over 70% of its maximum transmittal distance, it will give a warning beep.

- Warning for low receiver battery voltage
Husky 2.4G also displays the receiverí»s battery voltage and whenever the receiverí»s battery voltage drops below your pre-set voltage (programmable), it will give a warning beep so that you can prevent uncontrollability.

- Set neutral position at control failure
In the event of receiverí»s failure to receive signals from the transmitter due to out of range range, low battery, etc., the steering and throttle servos will automatically revert to the neutral or middle position to avoid being completely out of control.

Notice : Fail-safe features will be activated only when used with Cube 3 receiver.