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Glow Plug Ignition Unit

Lobster, The Servo Station

Multiple servos to a single port
Very often a Y harness is used to connect multiple servos to a single channel. A major problem with this type of installation is a drop in voltage. The servo station allows you to connect up to 4 HV servos to a single channel without any drop in voltage.

Selectable servo voltage
The servo station supplies 3 types of output voltage. 5V for gas engine ignitions, 6V standard servos & 7.4V HV servos Variable voltages eliminate the need for external B.E.C's.

Separate voltage setting for each output channel

Dual battery ports
Dual battery support with built in battery share circuit to supply plenty of power to multiple servos
during heavy operation.

Amplified Receiver signal
When servos are mounted far from the receiver the signal can be weakened due to resistance
from the use of long servo extensions. The servo station amplifying signal circuit solves this

Input Voltage 7.4 V, Li-ion
Receiver port 8 channels
Servo port 20 ports
Voltage for servos 7.4 V, 6.0 V
Size 82 X 106 X 16 mm (3.23" X 4.17" X 0.63")
Weight 92 g (3.25 oz)
Servo Station 1 pcs
Male-male connector (JR type) 8 pcs
Power plug 1 pcs
Power cable 1 pcs
XT60 male plug 2 pcs
Grommet set 1 set