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45% less weight with same strength
MEGA mount is designed based on the theory of structural mechanics to provide higher performance with 45% less weight. Also its slot type mounting holes allow the installation of 2 or 4 - stroke engines ( O.S™, Super Tigre™, Thunder Tiger™, SAITO™, YS™, etc. ) and the adjustment of engine positions.


Truss Structure
As it's purpose, truss structure provides better durability with less weight.

Shock absorb side wall
There is no way for saving engine from the crash down. However Mega Mount reduces damage. When crash down the plane, the side walls of mounting slots are broken for absorbing shock.
It works disperses impact and reduce damage.

Mounting Slots
MEGA mount has mounting slots that allow adjustment of engine position.

Stainless steel Hardware

The material of hardware included in the package is stainless steel. The name originates from the fact that stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust as easily as ordinary steel. So they keep durability at any tough condition.

Line up for all engines
2 kinds of MEGA Mounts are available. MEGA Mount L is for .60 - 1.20 engines and MEGA Mount S is for .20 - .50.

Rigid type and Soft type
There are two type of MEGA mount L, rigid type is made by fiberglass reinforced resin and soft type is made by Nylon. They have different advantage rigid type is firmly fixed engine on the firewall and soft type is absorbed engine vibration. Rigid type keeps engine power and soft type reduces fuselage damage.

  Material Fiberglass reinforced resin (Rigid type) or Nylon (Soft type)
MEGA Mount L Weight 66.4 g (2.34 oz)
  Size D 110 mm X H 61 mm (4.33" X 2.40")
MEGA Mount S Weight  30.5 g (1.08 oz)
  Size D 77 mm X H 48 mm (3.03" X 1.89")

MEGA Mount 1 pair (left, right)
Pack A
Wrench bolt X 4, Flat washer X 8, Spring washer X 4, Nylon nut X 4, L wrench X 1
Pack B
Wrench bolt X 4, Flat washer X 4, Blind nut X 4