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MEGA Stand

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Mega Stand is a product used for displaying or holding a glow engine in stable position. Mega Stand is also used as a stable base when maintaining an inactive engine. It is designed to accommodate most engine sizes (2C, 4C, 0.10 ~ 1.20 cu-in size).


Adjustable Position

Each piece of Mega Stand has 4 adjustable slots so that an engine can be mounted for optimum balance and display.

Fits a wide range of engines
Mega Stand is comprised of two separate pieces of stands to flexibly hold a wide range of engine types and sizes with various positions of the mount holes.

Plastic washers
The collectors are proud of their engines that have never been mounted. It is proved no marks on the flanges. The plastics washers supplied prevent direct contact between bolt head and engine flanges. It would not leave marks.


Lay each piece of stands in parallel with an appropriate spacing, and place the engine on top of the stands as shown in the picture. Mount the engine using appropriate size hardware (screw and nut).

unit : mm

Warning : Do not use Mega Stand as a bench to break-in engine or to hold running engines. Mega Stand is designed for displaying an engine not in operation. Any attempt to activate or run an engine on the product can cause serious personal injuries and physical damages.

Mega Stand 1 pair
37.0 g (1.31 oz)
Hardware sets

bolt x 4 pcs, nut x 4 pcs, metal washer X 4 pcs, plastic washer X 4 pcs (3 mm set)

8.5 g (0.30 oz)
  bolt x 4 pcs, nut x 4 pcs, metal washer X 4 pcs, plastic washer X 4 pcs (4 mm set)
17.3 g (0.61 oz)