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Glow plug storge box

Plug Caddy
Generally modelers keep many kinds of glow plugs according to makers, engine types and ignition coil types etc. They are experienced the plugs in shacking box are mixed up and ignition coils are damaged by contacting each other. Plug Caddy makes order plugs and protect from the shock and vibration.


Strong Structure
Plug Caddy is designed one piece box and tough enough at pressure, shock and vibration.

EVA form

This soft inner form protects ignition coil and firmly holds glow plugs.

Notice : The printing on door can be changed without notice.

Weight 45.8 g (1.62 oz)
Size  W 72 mm X H 114 mm X D 30.5 mm (2.83" X 4.49" X 1.20")
12 plugs