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Glow Plug Ignition Unit

Pulse 1, Glow Plug Ignition Unit
Pulse 1 is ignition unit for glow engines. The main feature is long ignition time with better efficiency and ignition level selection according to weather condition and kinds of glow plugs.


Large capacity
Sometimes not enough capacity of one-cell (1.2 V) starter causes engine-starting failure at the flying field. Pulse 1 can be the solution because power source of Pulse 1 is 7.2 ~ 12 V and these batteries are general in RC as battery pack for electric car (6 cells 7.2V) and starter battery (12V). Their high voltage and large capacity provide long ignition time.

Pulse Ignition

Pulse 1 takes pulse ignition. The efficiency is 50 % better than general glow starters. Also it prolongs total ignition time.

Receptacle for easy apply

It is hard to plug in glow starters to the engines for scale airplane (they have large cowls), helicopter and the engines installed upside down. Because Pulse 1 is connected by receptacle installed on fuselage, there is no difficult to start engines in any type of models.

3 Step igniting levels (Hot, Medium, Cold)

Strong ignition is required starting engine at cold weather and some type of plugs. Pulse 1 is selectable ignition levels and it makes sure staring engine at any condition.

Input Voltage 7.2 V (6 cells battery pack), 12 V battery
Current drain 4 mA (Standby), 1.3 ~ 1.5 A (Ignition)
Size 65 X 40 X 18 mm (2.56" X 1.57" X 0.71")
Weight 40.7 g (1.44 oz)