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Pulse 2

On board type Glow plug Ignition Unit

Pulse 2 is an on board type Glow Plug Ignition Unit that is installed inside your models. It can be conveniently and safely activated from a transmitter without having to connect an external battery.


Activate from Transmitter
Pulse 2 utilizes receiverí»s unused channel (Gear, Flap or AUX) to receive signal from the transmitter to ignite a glow plug. An engine can be started right from your controller by switching on an appropriate channel, without having to connect an external startup battery.

On board type
Pulse 2 is installed inside your model with the plug cable connected at all times. An engine can be easily started even when it is mounted in reverse position or when the plug is not easily reachable.

Monitors receiverí»s voltage
Pulse 2 monitors the receiverí»s voltage level at all times so that you can prevent an uncontrollable situation due to a low voltage level.

4.8 V (4 cells)
over 5.3 V
5.1 ~ 4.5 V
below 4.4 V
6.0 V (5 cells)
over 6.7 V
6.4 ~ 5.5 V
below 5.4 V

Receiver,s signal to servo supervision
Pulse 2 monitors the receiver signal by comparing the standard signal kept in the memory against the current servo signal so that you can prevent an uncontrollable situation due to malfunction of receiver caused by damaged parts or connection problem with a crystal.

Caution : Receiver's signal to servo supervision is for the signal between receiver and servo. It does not monitor or supervise the signal between receiver and transmitter. Therefore, when Fail Safe function is activated due to a malfunction of transmitter or an interference, receiver locks the servo based on the fail safe data stored within the receiver. In this case, even though the transmitter will not be able to control, the signal between the receiver and the servo is still being sensed normally.

Voltage range 4.8 ~ 6 V (4 cells), 6.0 ~ 7.5 V (5 cells)
Current drain 10 V / 45 mA
Size 50 X 26 X 10.4 mm (1.97" X 1.02" X 0.41")
Weight 11.2 g (0.40 oz)
Accuracy ± 0.02 V