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RX battery Monitor

Voltcheck D, Digital Receiver Battery Monitor

This product connects to the radio control receiver in model cars / aircrafts, where it monitors the receiver's supply voltage.


Strong enough for vibration and shock
Voltcheck D takes LEDs instead of LCD in general. These durable display segments allow long lifespan at tough condition, engine vibration and shock from others.

Crimson Red display
Voltcheck LED's are a crisp crimson red and absolutely bright even in day lite as the pilots it on direct sunshine.

Select cell numbers
There are 2 modes for 4 cell pack (4.8 ~ 6.0 V) and 5 cell pack (6.0 ~ 7.5 V) because they have different low voltage warning levels. To display the cell operation mode, press the button hole at the bottom of the unit with a pointed object such as a pin. Press again to switch between 4-cell and 5-cell operation.

Low voltage warning

At low voltage, the LED voltage measurement will flash. The LED will blink when the voltage drops to 4.4 V for 4-cell operation and 5.4V for 5-cell operation.

WARNING : The numbers flash when the power supply is very weak. If the voltage is too low, you should stop the operation of the model for safety reasons as quickly as possible.

Voltage range 4.8 ~ 6 V (4 cells), 6.0 ~ 7.5 V (5 cells)
Current drain 10 V / 45 mA
Size 50 X 26 X 10.4 mm (1.97" X 1.02" X 0.41")
Weight 11.2 g (0.40 oz)
Accuracy ± 0.02 V